24 January 2012

String Theory - Type Experiment

I had some fun making 'string theory' type with string and pencil (get it?!)

Telescope Sketches

LIFE Magazine March - August 1969

Made an exciting discovery in the library today - all the LIFE Magazines from 1969 & 1970! They are in really good condition and are filled with amazing photography and diagrams - below are some of the best.

Personal favourite above. Ultimate family photo. Sorry to the really tall dude at the back - the scanner cut your head off.

Amazing and surreal photo of the plaster casts used to make the astronauts gloves

9 January 2012

Saturn V Prints

Two of the prints from the woodcuts I created on the laser cutter. Each print was unique, as the layout of the 'stamps' was changed each time. Very fun to do and I will definitely be experimenting further into this technique...

Winter Forest

Solar Plate etching