1 May 2012

A drawing a day...

About 6 months ago, I decided that for one month, I would do a drawing every day, producing a visual journey which would be made into a zine. I chose May. Mostly because it rhymes. It is possibly my busiest month ever, what with project hand-ins and degree show exhibitions to prepare for, but it will only be a small drawing each day. 

This is my first. I am really enjoying pattern at the moment, and the possibility of textile production...


  1. Haha oh Kate, you do pick your moments! :) This first bit of May is going to be mega fretful, indeed, but will be cool to record a little bit of each of these last and crazy days through drawing! or just as a happy little distraction.

    Can't wait to see them all :)

  2. Haha I know! This possibly will push me into overload. Some days may simply be a small scribble on a post-it note!

    Thanks Byng ^__^