11 April 2012

Pick Me Up

For three days over my (last ever!) Easter hols, I was very lucky to help out the lovely Stephen from A Two Pipe Problem letterpress at Pick Me Up in Somerset House. I spent lots of time wandering around, meeting lovely people and seeing some freakin' great work too!

Above are letterpress prints from A Two Pipe Problem and two beautiful plan chests housing the prints & type. 
Below is a panoramic of Stephen's temporary workshop, complete with printing press, bottle(s) of whiskey and view of the Thames. Look; his face has gone all funny.

Lastly, another panoramic of Peepshow Collective's 'Museum of Objects & Origins' exhibit (panoramics are fun). Typically brilliant work from the Peepshow-ers, including collages of cosmic landscapes by Miles Donovan, and watercolours of scientists fighting religious figures by Andrew Rae (Feynman 1:0 Pope).

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