28 April 2012

Machine Pattern

I have going through the nightmare of scanning and digitally piecing together my huge control panel drawings... as a little experiment I made this mad repeating pattern. If this was a textile pattern, it would make an awesome dress!

24 April 2012

Space Shuttle's & Astronaut Dogs

D&AD + Little White Lies

Behold, my first ever pointilised portrait, and entry to the D&AD Student Awards 2012. Unfortunately, it didn't make the cut, but it was great fun to draw so I am not too unhappy! Its definitely a way of drawing I would like to further explore (my optician would likely not approve).

23 April 2012

Black Ops Embroidered Patches

A couple of weeks ago, I made a small zine inspired by alternative achievements in space. It celebrated, among other things, the first perm in space, fancy dress party in orbit and tears shed on the moon. Today I was informed about a fantastic blog called Sci-Fi-O-Rama - it appears to be a (hopefully) endless source of awesome space photography and memorabilia! What we have here then are some embroidered patches that caught my attention for their sheer sinister appearance. They are official patches (can you believe) for covert US military operations. My favourite is the 'Lifetime of Silence' one, WHAT IS THE GREEN DOOR? We will probably never know.

15 April 2012

Space Exploration Photographs

Scans from a book on space exploration. Look at the beautiful colours in the close ups of Jupiter's spot and the rings of Saturn! I would love to get these printed onto fabric somehow. Also thinking of doing a cross stitch sometime of the thermal imaging of a planet or galaxy.

14 April 2012

The Black Cat Zine

I decided it would be nice to make a zine out of work from a project I did last year, based on the story 'The Black Cat' by Edgar Allen Poe. The cover and endpapers are screen printed, and the inner pages are photocopied, in traditional zine-making style :)
This was one of my favourite projects at uni, and its been nice to re-work some older illustrations. The zines are now for sale on my Etsy site, you can find them HERE!

11 April 2012

Pick Me Up

For three days over my (last ever!) Easter hols, I was very lucky to help out the lovely Stephen from A Two Pipe Problem letterpress at Pick Me Up in Somerset House. I spent lots of time wandering around, meeting lovely people and seeing some freakin' great work too!

Above are letterpress prints from A Two Pipe Problem and two beautiful plan chests housing the prints & type. 
Below is a panoramic of Stephen's temporary workshop, complete with printing press, bottle(s) of whiskey and view of the Thames. Look; his face has gone all funny.

Lastly, another panoramic of Peepshow Collective's 'Museum of Objects & Origins' exhibit (panoramics are fun). Typically brilliant work from the Peepshow-ers, including collages of cosmic landscapes by Miles Donovan, and watercolours of scientists fighting religious figures by Andrew Rae (Feynman 1:0 Pope).

10 April 2012

Votes For Women

Haven't posted for a while, super busy with THE BIG PROJECT at uni, but here is a little drawing of the suffragette mother from Mary Poppins, mid-song of course (she looks quite sombre).