23 March 2012

Launch Crowd & other drawings

Above is a little preview of a drawing that is a dig at how old and incapable the technology now seems to be in the early American rockets, such as Saturn and Gemini.

Lunar Mineral Specimens

I'm really enjoying exploring texture with black and white ink at the moment. This is part of a small series of images concerning the scientific discoveries that were a result of the moon landings.

21 March 2012

Outer Space/ The Future

It is almost summer term in my last year of education (sob), and I have been thinking lots recently about that ominous thing THE FUTURE, what my work is about and why I make it.


Here are some reasons why I love to draw and create, and why lots of my work is about outer space;

I love being able to look up into the sky and really appreciate how small we are. Gazing up at the endless black void of the unknown is the ultimate escapism, and it comforts me. Some people find it terrifying, but I think its more wonderful.

Sometimes I look at the Moon and just think its ridiculous that humans have actually walked on it. People just take this as an everyday fact now, just another bit of history, but think how actually AMAZING that is! We, humans, have been to another world. Mind-blowing! This was also done in the 60s when most houses didn't even have a colour telly. People now think that going into space is really easy, and that NASA should be popping up there every other week, but it is still so so hazardous and still as much of an adventure as it was all those decades ago.

As I have now (sadly) accepted that I will never myself be an astronaut, my work is about finding that sense of adventure and discovery in space that seems to have been lost from society. Shuttle launches, towards its last flight in 2011, were less and less covered by television networks; unless anything went wrong. The novelty of space exploration wore off, and people now seem to think that its a waste of money (humph! cigarettes and inflatable sofas are a waste of money - sending people into space definitely is not!).

I want to have an adventure, and I'd like other people to see my work and want to have their own adventure, too!

I will leave you with this; a diagram of the Sloan Great Wall, the largest known structure in the universe, at a mere 1.37 billion light years across. Enjoy thinking about that!

20 March 2012


At the moment I am enjoying drawing complex machines in a playful, explorative way. This is the space shuttle Challenger in orbit, with its bays open. 


15 March 2012

Control Panel

Damn Fine Coffee!

I screen-printed my first two-colour design this week; a tribute to Twin Peaks and vintage American diner signs. They are for sale on my Etsy shop right now (as prints and tote bags)

A few sketches..

I haven't posted in a while, so here is a few watercolour and ink images from my sketchbook! Having loads of fun with this at the moment :)

2 March 2012

Root Beer

The beginnings of my list of things to take into space. Root Beer in a special anti-gravity can = TOP PRIORITY

They should sell more of this wonderful stuff in England.

Astronaut Casts

Today I finished a 2 day etching workshop with the painter and printmaker Marcelle Hanselaar. I used the beautiful photo of astronaut's hand casts that I found in Life magazine a while back as reference... the end result is quite creepy and surreal.
I have recently concluded that my work varies massively between the dark & creepy, and playful & silly.