30 November 2011


A series of sketches inspired by 'The Bloody Chamber & Other Stories'. I have tried to emphasise the atmosphere of the stories by focussing on settings and environment rather than specific narratives and events.

The Horned God

I have been very interested in folkloric culture recently, and these monoprints depict the Horned God, a Pagan deity. I love the way you can layer monoprints, so the shadow of the last image can be seen under a fresh layer of ink.

Giraffes & Sunsets

19 November 2011

The New Forest

I went for a walk in the New Forest today when my parents visited. It was a beautiful, autumnal day and the colours all around were incredible. We encountered a few bulls and ponies too!

14 November 2011

The Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge, built in 1543.

Printed at home with a wooden spoon.

12 November 2011

I recently designed a logo & business cards for my friend Lizzie's online business - she makes lovely cupcakes and other yummy things.

Her website is HERE!

Saturn V Stamps

I have made wooden stamps from the drawings of the Saturn rocket! They were engraved and cut on a laser cutter - an experiment into the combining of digital and traditional printmaking techniques. Fingers crossed, I will be printing them on the letterpress this week.

Toys and Rockets

A selection of toys, often horrifying, from the V&A Museum of Childhood, including 'Robot the Robot', a wind up, guitar-playing bear and an astronaut robot.

I would love a Saturn model rocket just like that one. Santa, you better come through for me.

Postmodernism @ the V&A

'Postmodernism: Style & Subversion' at the V&A was good... up until this. After looking at work about anti-commodity and consumerist culture, there was a gift shop. It made me really uncomfortable, and undermined the whole exhibition.

This is a haunting ensemble by Rei Kawakubo for Commes des Garcons.