17 April 2011

Drawing the sky...

Experimentation of drawing the night sky... all research for my up-coming animation, about Apollo 11 and the Moon landing....

Saturn V

Studies of the incredibly super-massive Saturn V rocket.

The Black Cat

Illustrating the short story 'The Black Cat' by Edgar Allen Poe, inspired by film noir, German Expressionist woodcuts and graphic novels. The lino prints were bound into a book, with sections of hand written text.

Home is where the heart is....

Etchings made in first year, exploring the idea of home, and the adventurous types of home we want as children.

Hello, You.

Here are a few ink drawings I did for our second exhibition, 'Bespoke Love' at Cafe Boscanova. The owner bought 'You Are My Sunshine' for her 2 year old boy for his birthday, so so cute!