30 November 2011


A series of sketches inspired by 'The Bloody Chamber & Other Stories'. I have tried to emphasise the atmosphere of the stories by focussing on settings and environment rather than specific narratives and events.

The Horned God

I have been very interested in folkloric culture recently, and these monoprints depict the Horned God, a Pagan deity. I love the way you can layer monoprints, so the shadow of the last image can be seen under a fresh layer of ink.

Giraffes & Sunsets

19 November 2011

The New Forest

I went for a walk in the New Forest today when my parents visited. It was a beautiful, autumnal day and the colours all around were incredible. We encountered a few bulls and ponies too!

14 November 2011

The Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge, built in 1543.

Printed at home with a wooden spoon.

12 November 2011

I recently designed a logo & business cards for my friend Lizzie's online business - she makes lovely cupcakes and other yummy things.

Her website is HERE!

Saturn V Stamps

I have made wooden stamps from the drawings of the Saturn rocket! They were engraved and cut on a laser cutter - an experiment into the combining of digital and traditional printmaking techniques. Fingers crossed, I will be printing them on the letterpress this week.

Toys and Rockets

A selection of toys, often horrifying, from the V&A Museum of Childhood, including 'Robot the Robot', a wind up, guitar-playing bear and an astronaut robot.

I would love a Saturn model rocket just like that one. Santa, you better come through for me.

Postmodernism @ the V&A

'Postmodernism: Style & Subversion' at the V&A was good... up until this. After looking at work about anti-commodity and consumerist culture, there was a gift shop. It made me really uncomfortable, and undermined the whole exhibition.

This is a haunting ensemble by Rei Kawakubo for Commes des Garcons.

18 September 2011

Out of Sight

Exhibition open 16th - 24th September 2011
Wilkinsons underground carpark, Winton

27 July 2011

Craft Fair

Recently had a stall at a local Dorset Craft Fair, selling prints and jewellery. It was a bit rainy but a nice productive day. I will be setting up an Etsy shop soon, watch this space!

David Bowie Sugar Skull

Ceramic painting in All Fired Up, Bournemouth

Felt Tips

Haven't used felt tips since I was a child so thought I'd go mad and see what happened.

1 June 2011

Even more linocut prints...


The 'Ogbanje' are evil spirits, said to plague a family with misfortune. They were said to have once been children, blessed with psychic powers, who were rejected from heaven. They live in the spirit world, in tall trees such as the baobab. Medicine men use talismans, such as shells and thread, to banish their spirits.


The second in a series of linocuts, exploring African mythology and legends. The Inkanyamba is a fearful mythological beast, said to dwell in the deep pools beneath Howick Falls, South Africa. The eel-like creature causes great summer storms and tornados.

4 May 2011

Journey to the Moon

Animation short, based around the theme of 'Convergence/Divergence' (the convergence of mankind and the Universe). I highly enjoyed making this, After Effects is a truly great programme and I'm excited to use it again!

3 May 2011

African Prints.

A soon-to-be series of linocuts inspired by various African myths, stories, rituals and patterns among other things. They will be printed onto maps from the 1940's, of different African regions, corresponding to each story.

17 April 2011

Drawing the sky...

Experimentation of drawing the night sky... all research for my up-coming animation, about Apollo 11 and the Moon landing....

Saturn V

Studies of the incredibly super-massive Saturn V rocket.

The Black Cat

Illustrating the short story 'The Black Cat' by Edgar Allen Poe, inspired by film noir, German Expressionist woodcuts and graphic novels. The lino prints were bound into a book, with sections of hand written text.

Home is where the heart is....

Etchings made in first year, exploring the idea of home, and the adventurous types of home we want as children.

Hello, You.

Here are a few ink drawings I did for our second exhibition, 'Bespoke Love' at Cafe Boscanova. The owner bought 'You Are My Sunshine' for her 2 year old boy for his birthday, so so cute!